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Plastic in the ocean

During the second semester, we worked together on an interactive communication system about a very important but unfortunately unattended topic affecting all of us and especially our dealing with plastic packaging and the resulting waste. Tons of plastic waste are lying on the beaches and on the seabeds of this world, of which there is only one. Due the fact that all of us could change something, we wanted to draw attention on the extent of plastic pollution today. We wanted to introduce the user sudden to our application so we came up with asking the user to choose one of three different plastic bottles. The idea was to point up the users responsibility. After the chosen bottle drops into the canalization, the user can follow the journey of plastic waste from and finding its way into the sea until end up in the fish we eat. This cycle is designed playfully with different interactions and realistic pictures to hold the users attention and keep the relation to the reality. To underline the playful character we decided to use flat design for our application. At the end of our interactive system, we included a quiz so that the person using it can also check their on environmental awareness.

After finishing our implementation we thought about an exhibition concept. In our research we were confronted with alarming facts which made us speechless. At our semester exhibition we had 18 bottles hanging from the ceiling, each on stands for one ton of plastic waste. 18 tons of plastic waste are lying on only one beach in the UK, this amount corresponds to the amount of plastic production in 2 seconds on the whole world. Through that we catched the visitors, after they went through our interactive system they had the chance to take away a flyer with a check list about things everyone of us can do in our daily life without a lot of effort.


Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Framer

Project Partner
Selina Lange